What Can I Plant Now?

Many people think that the spring is the only time to do some major gardening, but the fall is the perfect time to plant! Here are just a few plants that can be planted right now:

Cool Crop Veggies


Named “One of the Healthiest Foods in the World,” spinach is high in vitamins, minerals and is even a good source of protein.


Grow your own salad!

Ornamental Annuals


We grow over 25 varieties of hardy mums! Choose mums that are still in bud as opposed to full bloom so you can enjoy them on your patio or in your landscape all season long!

Flowering Kale

Night temperatures right now are what make flowering kale pop with color. Count on flowering kale’s bight purple and green shades to add a unique and vivid color to your fall garden or landscape.


Fat Albert Colorado Spruce

Bright blue needles emerge in spring and darken to a forest green in the late summer/fall. They have a girthy, well-shaped form that will last for years to come. Does not require staking or training. It maintains its pyramidal shape throughout the duration of its life.

Bur Oak

Slow growing deciduous shade tree with deeply ridged, furrowed bark. Handsome, deeply-lobed, dark green foliage. Amber fall color.

Red Wealthy Apple

Fruit has a strawberry hint flavor. Tree is compact and bears heavily. It is very hardy and can withstand low chill. Blooms profusely over a long period, making it an excellent pollinator. Fruit is pale yellow and striped with red. Ripens to all-over scarlet for fresh eating.


Hairy Mountain Mahogany

A Southwest native with small, narrow, gray-green foliage. Inconspicuous flowers produce fuzzy, twisted seed tails in the fall. Xeric.

Mock Bearberry Manzanita

A dense, prostrate form with bright green, oval leaves. The exfoliating bark exposes smooth and cinnamon red to purplish inner bark. Pink or white flowers bloom in late spring followed by red berries in fall. Drought tolerant once established.


Porcelain Vine

Variegated oak-like foliage. Showiest in part shade. Berries are shades of skittle-like purple, blue and white.


Bristly velvet stocks with soft, fabric-like petals that exude beautiful autumn golds and reds.

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