Shopping Safety Tips

With the consistently warmer weather and the epidemic seeming to subside, everyone is itching to get out and do some of their long-awaited spring shopping! Though safety is nearing more and more each day, and peoples’ confidence in facing the public is rising, there are still precautions that people must take in order to maintain this positive trend. Here are a few pieces of advice for you as you begin to venture out.

Avoid Peak Shopping Times

Choose to do your shopping when foot traffic will be low. You will have to worry much less about yourself and others, and will have a much easier time maintaining a safe distance from other individuals, if there aren’t as many individuals out in general! To help you with this, we have come up with a rough idea of times to avoid, as well as an outline of the best times to venture out.

As you can imagine, Saturdays and Sundays are by far the days with the highest traffic in most grocery and retail stores, with end-of-the-week days (Thursday and Friday) being slightly less busy. Early in the week/mid-week days have seen the lowest foot traffic, especially during the early hours of the day. Try to avoid going near close, as more people are likely to be out getting in their last-minute purchases for the day.  

So, instead of saving all your shopping for the weekend, be proactive and take care of your shopping needs at the beginning of the week!

Wear Your Masks

With the contagious nature of the virus, shielding yourself and others is one of the best ways to keep germs from spreading more. Many cases of Coronavirus have been reported to show no immediate symptoms. This means that you could be infected, and could be infecting others, without even knowing it. By wearing a mask, you not only protect yourself from others, but you also protect others from yourself! 

With the worldwide shortage of masks, many tutorials have been created for DIY masks, and many companies have also begun to manufacture their own masks to help meet the demands of the world. 

Here are some resources we suggest you check out if you are still in need of a mask: 

Stay Informed

Staying up-to-date is very important, since safety precautions and best practices are changing daily as new things are discovered. With the importance of this matter, it makes it even more important that you choose a reliable source, so that you know that the information you are getting is the most up-to-date and accurate that you can obtain. Below are several sites that you can go to directly for daily updates, advice, and information.  

Some additional safety tips include washing your hands, not touching items unless you plan to purchase, sanitizing items once you get home, avoid touching your face and washing your hands often.


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