Seeds That Make A Difference

The seeds you plant matter. We rely on plants for food, clothing, medicine, oxygen and life. At Bath Garden Center, we are proud to say that we only carry high quality seeds from intentional and forward thinking sources. We gathered information from each seed company so that you can feel good about being a part of the collective positive impact with every seed purchase. We pulled information from the source in order to give you the most accurate information. (Disclaimer: We did not create and do not own any of the visual aids or statements below.)

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange works to preserve heirloom seeds with the mission of conserving and promoting America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.

Botanical Interests

Their desire for more information along with their passion for spreading gardening wisdom led them to create a unique seed packet that is not only beautiful, but is also filled with facts, tips, recipes and quality seed. “At Botanical Interests, we’re helping people reconnect with some of that lost art,” Judy says. Every Botanical Interests seed packet is designed to help gardeners succeed and create their own traditions. Featuring gorgeous botanical artists’ renderings of each variety, every packet provides a wealth of information, inside and out. “I like to say that we’re a gardening education company that just happens to sell seeds,” Curtis says. “Our packets are like mini-encyclopedias, full of information to inspire and assist every type of gardener.”

See the work Botanical Interests has done to protect pollinators.

BBB Seeds

Bath Garden Center carries two different series of BBB Seeds. Bounty Beyond Belief is the heirloom veggie seed line and we also carry Beauty Beyond Belief which is their wildflower series featuring seed blends that serve different purposes. Some of the seed blends contain wildflower seeds that do well at a high elevation while others feature varieties geared towards supporting bees. Founded in 1985, BBB Seed is a small, family-owned company helping you to grow, enjoy and share a healthy and beautiful life! Located in Boulder, Colorado they are committed to providing High Quality, Open-Pollinated, Non-GE (genetically engineered) seed to customers. They offer an extensive variety of seeds for any region of the U.S. including High Altitude Gardens! They also founded Plant for Pollinators Project to increase plant biodiversity, improve garden yields, and to make a positive difference for the future!

Read about their community outreach.

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