Best Seed Starting Tips

Starting your garden from seed is cheap, and easy! A packet of seeds runs from $1.70-4.00 and you can store the seeds you don’t use for the next year.

Seed Starting Supplies

Seed starting supplies (trays, cell inserts, and humidomes) are inexpensive and reusable each year. You can reduce your costs even more by using yogurt cups, eggshells, small paper cups, and other found objects you already have on hand. Eggshells? That’s right! They serve as a great source of calcium and other minerals that your itty bitty baby veggies will need to grow strong and tall!

The most expensive investment is a simple T5 fluorescent light fixture, available at any garden center or home improvement store. Seedlings need 12-18 hours of light each day to grow strong and stocky, rather than tall and leggy.

Come into Bath Garden Center and have some fun picking out your seeds for the season! Also, if you have any questions, our gardening experts are standing by ready to help! We look forward to seeing you!

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