Real Christmas Trees are Good For the Environment

It may seem strange, but choosing a real Christmas tree is a good choice for the environment. Christmas trees are a renewable, biodegradable crop grown on land that isn’t suitable for other crops. They help prevent soil erosion, absorb CO2, produce oxygen, and provide a home for wildlife in the 6-10 years before they’re harvested. Each harvested tree is replaced with 1-3 more trees and the process starts over again. Buying a real tree supports an American farm, and nothing compares to the scent of a fresh-cut tree!

The most eco-friendly choice is a live tree with roots, and we have many sizes and varieties in stock. Enjoy a live tree indoors for no more than a week so that it will stay dormant. Leave the tree in the container, dig a hole, and bury the container for the rest of winter. Water occasionally, and transplant to its permanent place in spring. (Evergreens are slow to root and grow, so we advise waiting until spring to transplant.)

In the end, Christmas isn’t about the tree. It’s about the people around it, so choose what makes you happy and enjoy the season!

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