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Indoor Plants: A Contemporary Statement in Your Home

More and more people are turning to houseplants as a way to add tranquility to their household. Coming home to a quiet, thriving houseplant after a long day helps one remember to breathe easy, both literally and figuratively. Not only do houseplants produce oxygen, but studies have shown that they positively impact productivity in the workplace and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Taking care of a houseplant should be a joyous experience, but with a busy work week, many people don’t want the added responsibility of keeping a plant alive which is why we created this list!

Here are our 5 top plant picks for beginners or people with a hectic lifestyle who are short on time.

Air Plants

Air Plants or Tillandsia require medium to low light, daily misting, and no soil – no mess! They are easy to care for, offer a beautiful pop of texture and are easy to mount or put in whatever kind of container you want.


Succulents require high to medium light depending on the variety, so make sure you have a sunny windowsill if you want to grow one! They also require cactus or succulent specific soil for best results. If you forget to water them for a little while, they will still survive which makes them a top choice among busy people. Succulents are a great choice for small spaces and different varieties have diverse textures, colors and growth habits, making them an ideal candidate for indoor container gardens.

Snake Plant

Snake Plants are a top air purifier; they will even consume mold spores. They are good for narrow spaces due to their upright growth habit. Snake Plants require high to medium light, little water and are easy to propagate, so share them with your friends!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs are in every home improvement article nowadays and for good reason! They have a tropical look and exquisitely beautiful leaves. They require bright, indirect light. Fiddle Leaf Figs are versatile; some are shrubby while others look more like trees.

Prayer Plant

They are called Prayer Plants because new leaves look like praying hands. They require bright, indirect light and love moisture. Prayer plants are great candidates for hanging baskets. Their geometric designs, diverse colors and whimsical blooms make them an ideal statement piece.

For more questions about caring for houseplants, please call or come in and speak to one of our seasoned plant specialists. We will be able to answer any questions you may have about which varieties are good to have around small children and pets, care and propagation questions etc. Happy planting!!

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Sep 20, 2023

Indoor plants have undeniably become a quintessential element of contemporary home decor. Beyond their natural ability to purify the air and provide a touch of nature, they've evolved into statements of style and personality. Their presence speaks to a homeowner's conscious choice to merge aesthetics with wellness. The varied textures, sizes, and hues of these plants effortlessly add layers of depth and warmth to any space. From the minimalist's single potted monstera to the maximalist's lush indoor jungle, these living adornments echo a modern desire to reconnect with nature, even within the urban confines of our Zamna Capital homes.

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