Don’t Forget to Feed Your Lawn!

Updated: Apr 6

Good lawn care requires attention year-round. The good news is, the steps can be simple! Here are some of our products for early spring lawn care that will feed your lawn and also prevent new weed seeds from germinating.

Pro-tip: It is a great idea to fertilize your lawn right before it rains so that the fertilizer will be naturally watered in for you!

Alpha One Natural Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

Alpha One is located in Colorado and makes their product specifically for Colorado soil.

Espoma Organic Lawn Food Spring Lawn Booster

This product is designed to green up your lawn as early as possible. It adds long lasting nutrients to your lawn and is safe for kids and pets.

Natural Guard by Fertilome Soil Activator

This product is a safe, natural way to help your lawn clippings compost down into a nutritional source for your soil while also assisting in nutrient uptake.

Fertilome For All Seasons II

Feed your lawn and prevent crabgrass and other pesky weed seeds from germinating.

Fertilome Weed Free Zone Plus Lawn Fertilizer

Kills over 200 broadleaf weeds. Control tough broadleaf weeds in established lawns.

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