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15 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers Who Have Everything

Who doesn’t love gardening?? Whether it relates to houseplants, growing a selection of herbs indoors, planting a flower garden, cultivating your own produce, or tending to your perennial plants, the majority of people take part in gardening in one way or another. With gardening being such a widespread and wholesome hobby, it is hard to go wrong using gardening as your inspiration for gift-giving in any situation or for any occasion. Cool gardening gifts can be anything from practical tools such as gardening gloves or watering cans, to cute gardening-themed gifts such as houseplant socks, cute plant labels, gardening books, or decorative posters! Whether it’s a birthday present or a housewarming gift, here are some gardening gift ideas that are thoughtful, meaningful, practical, and sure to make a lasting impression!

Gift Idea #1: Houseplants


First, you can never go wrong with gifting a houseplant. Second, no one can ever have too many houseplants! Even if the person you are buying it for is not obsessed with houseplants, or even if they tend to have a bit of a black thumb, Snake Plants (Sansevieria) and Pothos are two of the most forgiving, low-maintenance, and beautiful houseplants available. Who knows, you might even spark a love for houseplants in your less-inclined friends! Learn about more low-maintenance houseplants here.

Houseplants for living room

Gift Idea #2: Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

For friends that already have houseplants, or even as a fun accessory to accompany a gifted houseplant, macrame plant hangers are another gardening gift idea that is sure to please. Coming in all sorts of styles, colors, and patterns, macrame plant hangers provide a different way to display your plants and introduce a beautiful and natural look.

Gift Idea #3: Gardening-Themed Socks

If you are looking for gifts for gardeners who have everything, quality socks that match their hobby are one of the best ideas out there! Socks are always a fun way to get funky and creative and are a great way for people to express themselves. And whether the person you’re shopping for loves flowers, vegetables, bees, cacti, or bugs, we have the perfect socks for every personality.

Gift Idea #4: Gardening Tools

Gardening-Themed Socks

On a more practical note, gardening tools can be expensive, especially if they are high-quality tools, and especially if you need to buy more than a few new tools at once. Any gardener would swoon at the sight of a new hand shovel, a sturdy hose-end sprayer, or a pair of comfortable and durable gardening gloves. And while some of these things may seem “boring” as gifts, there is nothing more practical or appreciated than being gifted a sturdy tool that will be used for years to come.

Gift Idea #5: Self-Care Products for Gardeners

Self-Care for Gardeners

Cool gardening gifts that often get overlooked are often also some of the most important ones! While tools are necessary to get the job done, your hobby will likely become painful and unenjoyable if you don’t take care of yourself in the process. Additionally, a gardener's hands are their most important tool! So, when picking out gifts for gardeners who have everything, consider self-care products, such as this Gardener's Kit, that will help restore and protect their hands.

Gift Idea #6: Naked Bee Lotions, Salves, & Balms

If you are looking for more extensive care than is provided in the gift idea mentioned above, consider looking into our line of Naked Bee products! This line of self-care products is made with only the safest and most responsible ingredients, and their motto is “All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.” So, if you are shopping for someone who prefers organic, sustainable, healthy products, give these products a try! They have everything from hand and foot care to soaps and body washes, to sun care products, and more!

Gift Idea #7: Plant-Themed Plush Toys

If you are looking for fun and light-hearted gifts, check out our line of Jellycat Plush Toys! They are absolutely adorable, full of personality, and the perfect gift for gardeners of any age!

Gift Idea #8: Garden-Themed Decorations

Any of your friends that love to spend their time in the garden, working with plants, or simply enjoying nature are sure to love decorations that revolve around plants and nature as well! We carry tons of unique, informative, and eye-catching posters that your plant-loving friends are sure to adore! Pick the perfect one to match their personality, with posters on bees, houseplants, trees, grasses, flowers, butterflies, ferns, mushrooms, fruit, succulents, vegetables, and more!

Gift Idea #9: Plant Puzzles and Games

Plant Puzzles

Another fun and unique idea could be finding the perfect plant puzzle! Puzzles are such a fun pastime, especially if they are themed after one of your favorite hobbies! They also make for a great date night in! We have tons of different puzzles with all sorts of styles, colors, and difficulties that would make for the perfect planty gift for anyone in question! Shop our wide selection of puzzles and enjoy piecing together beautiful pictures of butterflies, houseplants, flowers, vegetables, birds, trees, and more!

Gift Idea #10: Houseplant Accessories

Houseplant Accessories

Any houseplant lover will also be a lover of fun and useful accessories! From ornate watering cans to fun plant labels, to soil moisture meters, grow lights, decorative figurines, and more, any plant parent is sure to appreciate the thought put into picking out the perfect accessories for them and their needs.

Gift Idea #11: Terra Cotta Pots & Ceramic Containers


As an avid gardener, I know firsthand that you can never have too many pots! Big pots, small pots, hanging pots, indoor pots, outdoor pots, and every other kind of pot! Because whether you are planting an indoor herb garden, decorating your porch with annual flowers, or need a new container for a growing houseplant, having a special pot picked out just for you by someone you love is one of the best gifts you can get! So, go peruse the pottery section at your local garden center and find a pot that speaks to their personality!

Gift Idea #12: Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

Many people garden because they love the wildlife that is attracted by beautiful perennials, flowers, trees, and more. If you are shopping for someone with these interests, be on the lookout for birdbaths, hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, and the like! These gardening gift ideas are sure to provide lasting joy and entertainment for anyone who enjoys experiencing the beauty of wildlife in nature.

Gift Idea #13: Wildflower Seeds

Similar to above, gifting certain seed mixes can be a great way to help your nature-loving friends attract beautiful and interesting creatures to their very own backyard. By planting pollinator-friendly flowers or wildflowers that are native and bursting with color, you can attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more! Plus, gifting seeds can be a very special (and underrated) gift idea, as you are giving a gift that will keep on growing for years to come!

Gift Idea #14: Garden-Themed Kitchen Items

Many of the common household items that we put to use daily are usually quite plain and not all that interesting. What if you could spice things up a little bit and make those household items that much more fun to use? With things such as these fun plant and gardening-themed sponge cloths, you not only contribute to sustainable living, but you can also make daily tasks much more fun and interesting!

Gift Idea #15: Physical & Virtual Gift Cards

Physical & Virtual Gift Cards

If none of these gardening gift ideas are quite what you were looking for, and if you still need help trying to find some gifts for gardeners who have everything, giving a gift card is never a bad route to take. By giving the person in question a gift card, you are giving them the freedom and ability to go pick something out that they really need or have been wanting!

General Tips for Giving Gardening Gifts

In general, you really can’t go wrong with a gift if it is picked out with thought and intentionality. It is easy to become insecure with your gift choices and wonder if someone will really like something as much as you think they might. Try not to worry about this, and look for things that remind you of the person you are shopping for. If something reminds you of them, it is likely for a reason, whether it was a moment shared, and hobby they enjoy, something they said they want, or simply something you think matches their personality. So have some fun, trust your instincts, and give a gift they won’t soon forget!

Visit the Bath Boutique

Visit the Bath Boutique

At Bath Garden Center, our Boutique is overflowing with unique gifts that are often handmade, locally sourced, organic, and one-of-a-kind. We love supporting local artists the way our customers support us, and we do our best to have our products reflect this! If you have any questions or need help picking out cool gardening gifts for anyone in your life, give us a call or come into the store! We are always happy to help and are excited to show you around the Garden Center!


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