Community Gardener: John Hamill

To say John Hamill has a love for gardening is an understatement.

Plants drape off John’s work desk and seem to be growing

from the desk itself. At home, life bubbles up from all corners of his back yard.

Bumble bees hum happily as they greet his flowers and one can enjoy the sound of wind chimes as the breeze makes the grass dance.

John’s greenhouse is a treasure chest where his creativity and imagination flourish.

John is a self-taught gardener and says he learned “over time and with years of practice and patience,” but that does not necessarily mean everything he touches grows fruitfully. Even when John is not initially successful at his gardening endeavors, he never loses heart.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced is learning from failure and being patient with myself,” John reflects.

“It can be a hard lesson realizing things didn’t work out because you didn’t think and put in the needed effort first.”

Even though gardening can be a learning process, John still isn’t afraid to grow outside the box.

“There’s no one kind of gardening. There are so many options and different kinds; it’s almost limitless what you can do if you are willing to research and experiment.”

More recently, John has shared his love for gardening in the Hi-Country Orchid Club in Fort Collins.

“Years ago I got bit by the ‘orchid bug’ and ever since then, I’ve slowly expanded into that corner of the horticultural world.”

John finds orchids uniquely mystifying and is working to share his love for these exquisite flowers to the public at large.