Bird Festival 2014

Despite a cold, snowy day, we have a great turnout for our annual Bird Festival! Thank you to all the organizations and individuals who participated, and everyone who came to see these beautiful creatures.

Colorado has many organizations that help the public understand and respect exotic birds, birds of prey, and the native species of Colorado. Birds aren’t just fun to watch, they serve as indicators of environmental health, eat undesirable insects, and complete the natural cycle of life. They’re curious, funny and when you look them in the eye you can see their intelligence.

The talented Thunderbirds performed three shows to a packed house. These world-famous parrots can sing, tell jokes and even roller skate! Anyone who has watched their show will vouch for their brilliance.

Participating Organizations: Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Gabriel Foundation, Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture, Fort Collins Natural Areas Program, CSU’s Environmental Learning Center, Fort Collins Audubon Society, Rabbit Creek Emu Ranch, and the Avalon Aviary.

Thank you to Derek Kendall for capturing a few special moments and sharing your photos with us. See more of Derek’s work at

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