April Plant of the Month: Bromeliads!

Bromeliad Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1: Bromeliads are related to Pineapples.

The pineapple is the edible Bromeliad. Known as Ananas comosus in the scientific community, Pineapple grows under the ground, not in a tree, and has a fun leafy top. They perform best in tropical climates, but make for pretty durable houseplants as well.

Fun Fact #2: Bromeliads have pups.

Bromeliads typically only have one bloom. After that, it forms offsets, known as pups, which are exact replicas of the mother. Those pups will then produce gorgeous blooms, and so on.

Fun Fact # 3: There are over 2000 species of Bromeliads

And many can be grown indoors with success. The Puya raimondii (native to the Andes) can produce a flowering stem up to 15 feet tall, while the tank variety called Aechmea has broad, bowl-shaped rosettes. There really is no limit to the variety a Bromeliad can bring.

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